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About us

About us

In 2014, the idea for a fundamental innovation in the catering and snack food industry was born. A grease-odor-free grill and cooking machine, optionally with a no-fat-"fryer" for commercial use. Said and done. After countless development loops, test runs and optimizations, "Olga", the prototype of today's GRILLOMAX Elite, was created in the business and development rooms as well as in the production manufactory of reamotion GmbH.

The foundation stone for the development of the other models was laid. Today we are proud to present the GRILLOMAX series to the market. By designing the new models, we can meet the needs of the market from the different food and snack sectors.

With the know-how from GRILLOMAX development, it was obvious to conquer another product segment. The grill and barbecue market, also initially with a focus on gastronomy. It should be a grill that appeals to the guests and relieves the cook in his work as well as improves his working environment. It should be different. The result is the DUOGRILL Empire from the REALES BBQ brand world. And to top it off, we developed a new beefer. Both devices are truly royal in their grace. Top quality Made in Germany, like our GRILLOMAX series.

All this can only be achieved if you have the best employees who are the supporting pillars of the further development of reamotion GmbH. I'm proud of that.

Emilio Reales


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