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Authentic Barbecue

The key feature of the DUO Grill – Excelsior are two half balls made of stainless steel, which the customer can order with different heat sources. Do not renounce anything. Enjoy the benefits of a coal grill and a gas grill. And that combined in one grill.

The DUO Grill – Excelsior dispenses with a frontal grill room, thus creating space for a work area including a dish sink, thus ensuring a pleasantly cool barbecue feeling.

The display shows you exact information about the temperatures of the grill surfaces. We measure with our Type K sensors directly on the grill surface.

Inside the center console is a storage compartment for the food to be grilled, as well as enough storage space for a fresh / waste water container and a gas bottle. An electronic balance with Bluetooth connection gives you information about your gas bottle stand – anytime.

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