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GRILLOMAX – the first fat-odour-free oven for the food service industry

Welcome to the world of GRILLOMAX! The first fat-odour-free grill and cooking oven for commercial use and THE solution for food preparation: unique, handy and equipped with the latest, most intelligent technology.

Get to know the innovation for the food service industry – made by reamotion!


Developed and produced in Delmenhorst, Germany, GRILLOMAX is a grill and cooking oven of the latest generation. It combines short-wave infrared radiation and induced air flow for innovative food preparation within the shortest amount of time.

The integrated plasma filter technology (PFT) enables grilling, cooking, baking and gratinating of whole meals, snacks and finger food – without fat smell! Furthermore, an electrostatic filter prevents formation of smoke and fine dust during the preparation.

The fat-odour-free grill for whole meals, finger food and snacks

Thanks to our GRILLOMAX, you can grill, cook, bake and gratinate within the shortest amount of time and with consistent quality.

Pamper your guests with:

  • Fries
  • Falafel
  • Burgers, sausages, hot dogs
  • Salmon, fried fish
  • Chicken breast, chicken nuggets
  • Steaks, cutlets, cordon bleu
  • Paninis, tartes flambées, pizza
  • Potato wedges, poffertjes, pains au chocolat
  • and much more
Without additional fat!

Where to use the GRILLOMAX?

You don‘t have enough space, qualified staff, an external range hood, you‘re not allowed to reconstruct your kitchen or do you simply lack financial means? Then, the innovative GRILLOMAX devices are the perfect solution for your business:

Business establishments
Bakeries, butcheries …

In- and outdoor leisure facilities
Bowling centres, go-kart centres …

Canteens, schools, refectories, events …

Food stalls, food trucks …

Restaurants, cafés, bars / pubs, beer gardens …

Hospitality industry
Public houses, hotels, hostels …

Retail industry
Supermarkets, groceries …

Travel catering
Ferries, ships, motorway restaurants, trains …


Until now, grilling, frying, deep-frying and baking food for big crowds came along with elaborate equipment for commercial kitchens, complicated ventilation engineering, high cleaning effort and unpleasant, long-lasting smells. GRILLOMAX puts an end to this!

The GRILLOMAX series made in Germany offers high performance at any time:

  • Patented plasma filter technology (PFT) for fat-odour-free grilling and baking.
  • No external range hood and change of grease necessary!
  • Combination of air circulation and short-wave infrared rays for a careful, easy and efficient preparation.
  • Dishwashable materials and components (e.g. collecting container).
  • Optional nano coating (anti-fingerprint).
  • Minimalistical, aesthetical and personalisable design – unflashy, flexible and space-saving.
  • Easy handling and predefined programmes for grilling and cooking on a touch screen: 20 programme settings – for steady results via touch of a button.
  • Connectable everywhere thanks to a 220 / 230 V connection.
  • No radiation of heat due to a combination of ventilation system and isolation.
  • Energy-efficient, sustainable and with the lowest CO2 emissions of its kind.

The GRILLOMAX series stands for high flexibility, quality and the latest technology. You will get a perfect golden brown, juicy, crispy snack within the shortest amount of time. Our GRILLOMAX can be connected straight away and almost everywhere. You don‘t even need professional staff!

Looking for an authentic barbecue experience? Check out our DUO Grill – Excelsior – for private and commercial barbecue events of all kinds!

Support and advice for a perfect entry into service

Would you like to use our GRILLOMAX for your business? We offer personal customer advice including a detailed briefing and support for your very own GRILLOMAX food concept:

  • 2-year warranty
  • Short delivery times
  • On-site service
  • Workshops and live-presentations
  • Huge range of food concepts
  • Thought-out technology

Get in touch with us – and learn more!

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