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For larger quantities such as French fries, the GRILLOMAX Duopom is the absolutely right decision and also the ideal supplement. Thanks to two separately controllable drums, it is extremely flexible and offers a wide selection of snacks and finger food products for your to-go business!

  • 20 predefined cooking programs
  • i-Control function for perfect results
  • No turning or supervision of the preparation necessary!
Ideal for cooking / no-fat-"deep-frying", :*
French fries, falafel, veggie nuggets, rissolées, poffertjes, various finger food and snack products and much more…

*Applies only to the products we have tested. Ask for the wide range of recommended products!

The Duopom model is more commonly used in cafés, campsites, food stalls, sports bars, restaurants and many other locations...

Vegan & Vegetarian

Such as falafel, vegetables and much more…

Patato Snacks

Such as French fries, patato wedges, Rösti and much more...

Finger Food

Such as chicken nuggets, falafel, rösti balls, kibbeh and much more…


Food Food Food Food
Food Food Food Food
Food Food Food Food Food

All without the addition of fat

With GRILLOMAX Duopom you can offer countless snacks and finger food combinations in large quantities for the lunch table as a starter, side dish but also to go such as ...

up to 240 servings* French fries in just one hour


*Mise en Place

made in Germany Specification
Model Duopon

  • Installation dimensions:
    725 (height) x 440 (width) x 585 (depth) mm
  • Weight:
    48 kg
  • Power connection:
    220 / 230 V / 50 Hz - Schuko
  • Power unit:
    3.550 watts (heating phase)
    1.750 watts (full operation)
  • Cooking unit:
    2X6.8 l drum volume
Model Duopom - Handout Model Duopom - Handout - EN

Electricity savings with the Grillomax!

Approx. 2.2 kilowatts / hour


(e.g. deep fryer, grill and frying plates, oven etc.)
Approx. 7 kilowatts / hour.

Difference 4.8 kilowatts / hour.

With a use of only 4 hours a day (on 25 days / month ) this means a saving of approx. 1.267,00 € per year!

Based on 22 cents / KW for this list

With 8 hours of use a day – saving of even about € 2.534,00 per year!

Based on 22 cents / KW for this list

Thus, a GRILLOMAX amortizes very quickly! E.g. In leasing, a GRILLOMAX is completely amortized in 4 years! ONLY THROUGH ELECTRICITY SAVINGS!

Based on 22 cents / KW for this list

An important environmental aspect: CO2 emissions also play an important role!

Based on 22 cents / KW for this list

In addition, there are further savings, e.g. through easier cleaning (little effort) due to the fact that no extraction system is required; no fat purchase, storage and disposal! No specialist staff necessary!

Based on 22 cents / KW for this list

With a GRILLOMAX you reduce C02 emissions by about 3 tons per year! (Per kilowatt – 53 grams of CO2)

Based on 22 cents / KW for this list

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